SMS Marketing
Transactional LKR 2/- | Promotional LKR 5/-, min 1000 SMS

what is SMS marketing?

SMS Marketing is short for Short Message Service Marketing. Meaning: a service that sends text messages to a mobile phone. These are the sales information sent by the merchant to the customer,

SMS marketing this communication tool is a relatively straightforward way to use as an advertising channel. ordinary SMS group sending cannot be called SMS marketing, because the real marketing should be able to bring customers to the enterprise to upgrade, for the enterprise to enhance the drainage conversion and other roles.

SMS as a common means of communication used by marketers, in the process of communicating with customers often play an unexpected effect, i have sent a text message many times, immediately received a reply call from the customer.

now when the development of science and technology is so rapid, there is an extremely popular marketing method for enterprises and businesses, and it is an extremely trendy way of advertising, as an indispensable text message in the mobile phone, SMS marketing is a promotion with great advantages.

However, for advertising, people are inevitably tired of advertising due to the inadequate quality of traditional advertising methods. Traditional advertising is expensive, and the marketing efficiency is not particularly good, so to avoid customer resentment, we must master three skills when conducting SMS marketing.

Nowadays, most companies will take the way of texting to do marketing, but the feeling presented on the user’s side is a bunch of text messages, directly ignored, and the opening rate of such text messages is getting lower and lower. at the same time, for enterprises,

If you do not send text messages, users will not notice what activities you have in your home, and text messages are the lowest cost and fastest way to reach users. Therefore, to do an excellent job in SMS marketing, it is important to improve the effect of SMS with a new form of text messaging —smart SMS, the effect will be improved. it’s a pass real-name authentication after the technology upgrade, display the new SMS of the enterprise logo, name, card, and menu after the enterprise upgrades this kind of SMS, in a bunch of SMS messages without avatars, it suddenly stands out, users can see your home avatar and company name, and the SMS opening rate is improved.

Characteristics of good SMS campaign ?

  1. when we carry out SMS marketing, we need to spend time preparing for the SMS marketing copywriting, SMS marketing content should not be too long, because in this fast-paced era, everyone’s life is very busy, no one will look at your long article, they have no patience and no interest, and the long-winded copywriting is very uncreative, people will not immediately understand what this text message is, it may be classified as spam SMS, so we must show the vividness of the advertising content when editing the copy, exquisite and clear in content. in other words, SMS marketing shouldn’t be too commercial, just imagine, if we ourselves received a long talk, after reading the unknown so the text messages we will be interested in reading all the way to understand? i guess the answer must be no, so the copywriting for SMS marketing must incorporate humor and beautiful blessings. mobile phone users are more receptive to this novelty text message.
  2. Control the time of sending SMS, we must be promoted at the right time when we carry out SMS marketing, SMS marketing must have a certain strategy, so we are particularly important when sending SMS, if you receive push messages at midnight or during working hours, many mobile phone users do not have enough time to view and read. It may disturb the rest and work of users, it may be boring and harassing, which will require the relevant operators to block this information. This leads to the loss of potential customers, so when we send text messages, we must not disturb the user’s time to send text messages, and we can choose to send at the right time, so that the efficiency of SMS marketing will be particularly good.
  3. push information must be suitable for their own, the use of SMS platform to send marketing SMS is one of the reasons why most of the enterprises love it is that its operation is flexible, so the push message must be personalized. If it is a uniform advertisement, or embarrassing remarks, the marketing efficiency is extremely poor. The personalization of corporate propaganda must be proposed to ensure the value and importance of push information. SMS marketing requires a strategy, an execution plan, not a random push.

Why do we need SMS marketing?

  1. SMS marketing is mandatory,

    Mandatory here is not to force users to buy, but to force users to read. in general, if there is no problem with the telecommunications network, the text messages we send will be sent to the other party’s mobile phone without error. Even if it is inconvenient for the other party to read at that time, he will read it at the right time.


  2. Real-time nature of SMS marketing,

    If you use a mobile phone to send text messages, it takes 1 second for a mobile phone to send 1 text message, and about 86400 text messages can be sent in 1 day.


  3. The spread,

    fast SMS advertising is not limited by time and region, any province or city in the country is the same; send millions of mobile phone users can receive advertising information immediately after sending. The content of the advertisement can be changed at any time to ensure that the latest information is disseminated to consumers in the shortest possible time.


  4. Less,

    Investment SMS advertising breaks the traditional advertising media pricing rules, advertisers set their own budget, targeted quantitative sending to target customers. The form of communication is fashionable and novel. high focus return SMS advertising directly affects the most consuming family, and the same product can easily transmit different advertising information according to different receiving objects, to maximize the customer’s desire to buy.


  5. the breadth of SMS marketing,

    if you’re willing to pay tens of thousands of rupees for text messaging, you can send a text message to all mobile phone users in a city. This kind of broadness can be said to be difficult to achieve in any other form of propaganda. and even then, it still doesn’t lose the economics of SMS marketing.

    The most important feature of SMS advertising is directly to the recipient’s mobile phone, “one-to-one” transmission of information, mandatory reading, strong timeliness, and 100% reading rate! in the limited time of media-to-person contact, the frequency of contact between people and advertisements can be increased.

Nowadays, SMS marketing is more and more in line with the development of society, more and more popular with everyone, in line with the current situation of people’s lives, more and more popular with everyone, SMS can not only be used in people’s marketing, but also serve the work of all walks of life, through SMS marketing can be a good maintenance of the relationship between customers and enterprises, digital marketing Sri Lanka is looking forward to run your campaign with above said standard.