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search engine optimization : SEO

It is the art and science of getting pages to rank higher in search engines such as Google. Because search is one of the main ways in which people discover content online, ranking higher in search engines can lead to an increase in traffic to a website.

With the development of the network, the number of websites, which makes the mobile internet marketing environment increasingly exciting, while the user’s choice of information is also more. However, the development of the network is a sword, which not only enriches the user’s choices, but also makes it difficult for users to choose how to face the massive amount of data.

however, the emergence of search engines has brought great convenience to people searching for information, that is, keyword search can quickly find the information they want, and now it has become an indispensable way. at the same time, companies can also quickly occupy the market through search engine optimization. so, let’s learn what search engine optimization is? and how we get the advantage of search engine marketing (SEM)? and other related knowledge points.

If the user searches for product keywords in the search engine, finds your website and clicks to enter, then you have attracted a visitor through the search engine, if you want to attract more visitors to your website through the search keyword, you have to take specific actions to use the search engine to attract more visitors, which is search engine marketing.

There are two main types of search results:

  1. Search engine optimization aka organic search results
  2. Search engine marketing aka paid search results

What is search engine optimization?

Organic search result refers to the results that users naturally appear when searching for keywords, and here we need to understand SEO, which not only helps your website appear in keyword search results, but also helps improve the sorting of results.

in fact, when it comes to search results, most people mention organic search results, and 60% of visitors go to the bottom of organic search results because this is the page that is most relevant to their search keywords. so organic search results are an important part of search engine marketing. Although it takes a long time and effort to do this, the effect is long-lasting and can effectively save business budgets.

which can help businesses get free traffic and improve the organic ranking of their websites. The essence of SEO is to optimize a website. Through website keyword optimization, you can improve the position of enterprises in the industry, improve the user’s access rate to the website, thereby improving the sales ability and publicity ability of the website.

How we do search engine optimization?

  1. Choose the right keyword

    Google is Sri Lanka’s main search service provider. The choice of Google SEO keywords is important, and it directly affects the effectiveness of optimization. Therefore, according to the optimization of google search engine, the keywords and traffic of search engines can be analyzed in detail, to achieve the purpose of optimizing website traffic.


  2. Do a good job of internal links

    internal links can help guide visitors to other pages in your site and can also help build site navigation. Therefore, you can link internal links to their related content pages.


  3. Do an excellent job of content

    Google SEO needs to do an excellent job in content, so that the content can attract users to click and view. therefore, it is necessary to regularly update the original high-quality content, increase their own opinions, and bring different opinions to users, which can not only improve the user’s access rate to the website, but also improve the ranking of the website, while increasing the popularity of users.


  4. Pay attention to user experience

    Google SEO needs to pay attention to user experience, so it needs to use a stable server, often detect the opening speed of website pages, maintain a smooth opening speed, and improve the user experience.


  5. Do a good job in the construction of external links

    The construction of the chain is an important work of google SEO , so google SEO can exchange links with websites with higher weights, thereby improving the weight ranking of websites.

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What is search engine marketing?

As the keyword suggests, search engine marketing is to carry out marketing activities by studying the search behavior of netizens and presenting fast and accurate marketing information on the search results page. Simply put, it is the use of search engines for network marketing.

many search sites monetize paid search results. paid search results are primarily generated through payment, and when users search for keywords, their own web page information appears in the search results. This approach can quickly attract visitors, and although it works well, it requires a large budget to support it.

whether it is free search engine optimization (SEO) or paid search engine bidding (SEM), search engine marketing is an important strategy for network marketing, and many companies find ways to display their marketing information on google result page to get more exposure and thus get more users.

How do we search engine marketing?

  1. Improve the traffic of the website

    That is, according to the ability of the executive team, promote softly, choose several of the most appropriate methods to maximize traffic.


  2. Improve the viscosity of the website

    The website has traffic, the website does not necessarily rise, and the website traffic is getting bigger and bigger by the viscosity. Website promotion is important, and website viscosity is more important. To improve the viscosity of the Wang website, you need to work the details of the web page and humanize it.


  3. Improve the reputation of the website

    The website viscosity is good, and we must let users help us publicize the word of mouth. Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing means, the same word of mouth is the most difficult, we must do both sides of the two kinds of work in place, the use of a series of skills to promote users to help us word of mouth promotion.

The other is search engine cheating

SEO is not cheating, the premise of cheating is spam, and it is to get a good ranking by looking for loopholes in search engines. Here are a few types of behaviors that will be treated as cheats by search engines: The first type of way that is considered cheating by several major search engines is shadow websites. It’s that the website under the two domains is the same, and they will treat one of them as a cheat. The second is to hide text. In 2002, many people used the industry name as “Ghost Shadow Dafa”, for example, if the background of the page is white, you put a lot of white words in the web page. The third is keyword accumulation, that is, the density of keywords in the web page is too high. The fourth is the connection factory, which is to use hundreds of websites at the same time in batches. Another is that there are irrelevant keywords on the web page, there are many cheating methods, once the search engine thinks that you are cheating, it will block your web page. Once it is blocked, it is finished, and you can only change the domain name. Therefore, everyone should not cheat when doing SEO, and build an excellent website according to the standards of search engines, so that it will naturally get a good ranking.

after many professional SEO research institutions have investigated, it has been found that when users use search engines to find data, products or services, most people usually only click on the first few links in the search results, so most websites hope to try to influence the ranking of website pages in search through many ways or means. However, the search engine’s algorithm will continue to update, and the ranking of the website will be turbulent, so if you do not continue to do a decent job of SEO, the ranking will soon fall.