How do we search engine marketing?

  1. Improve the traffic of the websiteThat is, according to the ability of the executive team, promote softly, choose several of the most appropriate methods to maximize traffic.
  2. Improve the viscosity of the websiteThe website has traffic, the website does not necessarily rise, and the website traffic is getting bigger and bigger by the viscosity. Website promotion is important, and website viscosity is more important. To improve the viscosity of the Wang website, you need to work the details of the web page and humanize it.
  3. Improve the reputation of the websiteThe website viscosity is good, and we must let users help us publicize the word of mouth. Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing means, the same word of mouth is the most difficult, we must do both sides of the two kinds of work in place, the use of a series of skills to promote users to help us word of mouth promotion.


Ask how we going to do that!