E-mail Marketing
Transactional LKR 1/- | Promotional LKR 2/-, min 2000 E-mails

what is e-mail marketing?

E-mail marketing is a network marketing means to deliver valuable information to target users by e-mail under the premise of the user’s prior permission. Email marketing is a direct selling method that leverages email to communicate business with your audience’s customers. At the same time, it is also widely used in the field of network marketing. Email marketing is one of the oldest online marketing techniques, and it can be said that email marketing is older than most website promotion and online marketing methods.

it is well understood that e-mail marketing is to put marketing content in advance, including the advantages and characteristics of products or services, and then collect and organize the e-mail addresses of potential user groups, and then send them to their e-mails in steps, types, and times, to achieve the purpose of publicity and sales.

Why is email marketing still important?

Now due to the development of the internet, the birth of a variety of mailboxes, and the mailbox user base has also increased exponentially, because the mailbox has the function of retention, it is doomed to email marketing has the following advantages,

  1. Low cost
    Because e-mail is generally free, such as Gmail, mobile  etc., and whether there is the internet or not, can be sent to each other’s e-mail, users can view it conveniently, some mail can be permanently saved, and the space occupied is also small, and now the EDM(Electronic Direct Mail) system on the market, generally that is, 1 dollar can send hundreds of thousands of emails, favored by business owners.


  2. High efficiency
    High efficiency this is beyond doubt, email is different from other types of marketing promotion, there must be a network to promote, users have network skills to see, no network cannot see, and other marketing methods are more complicated than email marketing. Email marketing only needs to write useful content materials, by region, by age, by classification, by time can directly book the sending time, and can also be sent anytime and anywhere, without affecting the user to receive and consult.


  3. High precision
    High precision refers to the fact that the EDM (Electronic Direct Mail) marketing system now adds various tags and attributes to all emails. companies can simply select an email address that corresponds to the attributes of their products and services to send directly to them. say goodbye to the previous “needle in a haystack” marketing methods and methods.

How to choose a good email marketing platform?

Digital Marketing Sri Lanka aka Axault team suggests that following points should be measured for good email platform,

  1. EDM mail deliverability rate
  2. the stability of platform sending
  3. platform function list: functional: e-mail can be nested into some functional content, such as survey questionnaires.
  4. professional after-sales service
  5. simple user interface, Drag and drop email editor is a quite hit in these days.
  6. wide range of IP rotating capability
  7. Automated and ability to schedule capability: real-time: email can have the sender decide the timing of push, such as anniversary activities, can be warmed up in advance.
  8. The cost is low: The cost of mail is extremely low. The larger the volume sent, the lower the average cost.
  9. Personalization: Different content can be recommended for different users.
  10. easy to track for each recipient of the email, can be tracked, including the user’s opening, and clicking. entailed reports can be made for next decisions.

How to run an email campaign?

  1. Collect mailboxes
    in the past, the customer agreed electronic marketing, because in the early stage, there are special people and customers to communicate, the user is interested, or it is inconvenient to interview, call situation, we can send it to the customer in the form of email.


  2. Send an email
    This step is quite simple, that is, according to the various properties of the mailbox to send e-mail, the different content materials can be sent to the corresponding attribute mailbox. it can be sent instantly or at a time.


  3. Data analysis
    after sending the email, analyze the data of each time node, such as what kind of attributes we send the mailbox, how many messages were sent, how the mailbox open rate, how the user click rate and so on, we need to analyze and further filter, in the optimization of the mailbox and email content, etc., so as to slowly improve the mailbox open rate and click rate, as well as consulting, registration, volume and other goals.

Best practices

Marketing Email marketing here is by no means spam and has nothing to do with spam.

What we recommend is what is called (opt-out) permission-based email marketing, which means that the recipient actively asks you to email them.

This is usually done by the user leaving a name and email address on you like subscribe for newsletter on website.

This data automatically goes to your email list, and the program automatically sends out welcome letters, as well as automatically sends out a series of pre-made emails on a regular basis. If you send useful articles to this email list every month, the mailing list becomes an e-magazine.

The key point is that the user is required to actively leave his email address on your website and sign up for your e-magazine, rather than crawling from the web or buying email from someone

else. For these registered email records, you should record the IP address of the user at the time of registration, the exact time, in case of later evidence that you are not spamming in case of a complaint.

A safer approach is a (double opt-out) double-permission email, which means that the user will receive a confirmation letter after registration, and the email will only be officially included in the email list after clicking on the link in the confirmation.

letter. This prevents many people from using fake email addresses or typing the incorrect email address.

Why should users sign up for your mailing list?

Be sure to give users a reason to sign up proactively.

This justification can be a free tutorial, it can be an industry report, it can be a coupon, and so on. As there are increased websites, it’s getting harder and harder to get users to leave emails. If you don’t give some benefits, it’s hard to get users to leave email addresses.

To facilitate users to register to join the mailing list, it is recommended that the form only ask for names and email addresses, do not ask for some other unimportant information such as gender, work unit, telephone, etc., the simpler the easier it is to persuade people to register.

This registration form should be placed in a prominent place on the website, and pop-ups can be used appropriately.

the Benefits

The benefits of Email Marketing A user comes to your site, it may be looking for information, it may be wanting to buy something, it may be spending time together.

The percentage of people who generate sales the first time they come to your site is exceptionally low. Users must see your site multiple times, get familiar with it, and develop a sense of trust to easily buy something from your site or do whatever action you want him to do.

If most users come to your site without buying anything, they will leave and leave, and the chances of coming to your site again are exceptionally low.

Getting people to leave email addresses is the best way to remind them of your presence.

Digital Marketing Sri Lanka have also done hundred of this kind of marketing methods before, the price is low, but compared to other types of marketing methods, the open rate of the email is low, of course, and the quality of the mailbox, the attractiveness of the content is also closely related which Axault team can help you. as well as the properties and labels of several types of mailboxes.