Characteristics of a good SMS campaign?

  1. when we carry out SMS marketing, we need to spend time preparing for the SMS marketing copywriting, SMS marketing content should not be too long, because in this fast-paced era, everyone’s life is very busy, no one will look at your long article, they have no patience and no interest, and the long-winded copywriting is very uncreative, people will not immediately understand what this text message is, it may be classified as spam SMS, so we must show the vividness of the advertising content when editing the copy, exquisite and clear in content. in other words, SMS marketing shouldn’t be too commercial, just imagine, if we ourselves received a long talk, after reading the unknown so the text messages we will be interested in reading all the way to understand? i guess the answer must be no, so the copywriting for SMS marketing must incorporate humor and beautiful blessings. mobile phone users are more receptive to this novelty text message.
  2. Control the time of sending SMS, we must be promoted at the right time when we carry out SMS marketing, SMS marketing must have a certain strategy, so we are particularly important when sending SMS, if you receive push messages at midnight or during working hours, many mobile phone users do not have enough time to view and read. It may disturb the rest and work of users, it may be boring and harassing, which will require the relevant operators to block this information. This leads to the loss of potential customers, so when we send text messages, we must not disturb the user’s time to send text messages, and we can choose to send at the right time, so that the efficiency of SMS marketing will be particularly good.

push information must be suitable for their own, the use of SMS platform to send marketing SMS is one of the reasons why most of the enterprises love it is that its operation is flexible, so the push message must be personalized. If it is a uniform advertisement, or embarrassing remarks, the marketing efficiency is extremely poor. The personalization of corporate propaganda must be proposed to ensure the value and importance of push information. SMS marketing requires a strategy, an execution plan, not a random push.



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