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Axault powered dozens of Online web presence and drive traffic to them. We are All-in-One IT Solution company. So, we know what works and what doesn't work more than any other digital marketing agency in Sri Lanka. 

Generate Leads • Boost Sales • Increase Your Brand Awareness

  • Boosts Your Business!

    Digital marketing not only increases your sales, it also creates a long lasting customer base.

    With our practice of digital marketing, Methode lets us increase your sales and build your own customer base. Email campaigns, CRM organic search engines, and social media are some of practices of the results. Don't worry we can teach you.


    Save Time & Effort With the Axault DMS​ Marketing Professionals

    We are not just Digital marketing expert, We are a part of well known IT Solution company. Digital marketing not only increases your sales, it also creates a long-lasting customer base.

    Our Power Tools

    Reach the most conversational
    customers through DIGITAL MARKETING
    with the best SEO practices.

    Gain website traffic and obtain leads from paid campaigns

    Revenue-Generate through Targeted Audience

    Easily Create, Send & Analyze Emails. Reach the Inbox

    To get customer attraction to your business, Do targeted advertising and other marketing needs.


    Fresh Ideas for Every Social Media Campaign



    Your plan




    Blog Post LKR 150/-


    Map Integration

    Page/Brand Optimization

    Business Listing

    Advertising budget

    ✔️ Available but not included |❌ Not available | *CA Conditions apply



    Starting Package

    5 Posts


    5 Days


    Profile Design

    3+ directories

    $50 (LKR ~ 10,000)



    Essential package

    7 Posts



    7 Days


    Profile & Cover Design

    5+ directories

    $75 (LKR ~ 15,000)



    Premium Package

    7+ Posts per week (x2)

    2 per week (x2)



    14 Days


    Profile, Cover & Content

    7+ directories

    $100 (LKR ~ 20,000)


    Social Media Marketing

    Manage social networks from a performance and results perspective

    A strong social media presence is demanding and complex when designed and structured for results. This is only possible with a multidisciplinary team specialized in different areas, with the capacity to effectively achieve the best results.

    Facebook claims that they are 89% accurate when it comes to targeted campaigns

    SEO & SEM

    Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

    More than 67% of Internet users click on the top 5 organic search engine results. Only 3.73% click on pages from 6th to 10th position.

    Increasing the visibility of a web page is within your reach. With good SEO practices, you can optimize your website to come up in the top spots whenever someone does a search for words related to your business.

    Google Ads allows you to focus on people who are searching for what you have to offer.


    E-Mail Marketing Campaign and Bulk Sending

    Send emails to prospects and customers that influence them to take actions.

    The work of the Marketing professional does not end with the “Send” button! After sending emails to your contacts, you should review the metrics that are of interest to you.

    It lets us send bulk emails with tracking, and create beautiful email templates, etc.


    SMS Marketing & Bulk Sending

    The high opening rate and the high interaction rate of the recipients make SMS messages the perfect channel for marketing activities.

    Take advantage of all the benefits of SMS communication. Strengthen your customer relationship with newsletters, customer surveys and polls via SMS.

    SMS marketing is the quickest and 98% open rate guaranteed Communicate method

    Digital Marketing Course

    Boosts Your Website Traffic!

    We are passionate about our work. Our designers stay ahead of the curve to provide engaging and user-friendly website designs to make your business stand out. Our developers are committed to maintaining the highest web standards so that your site will withstand the test of time. We care about your business, which is why we work with you.

    Do it all yourself

    Digital Marketing, Individual Fast Track Online Training

    For entrepreneurs and business people who want to run a digital marketing campaign from start to finish on their own.

    Design killing advertisement & Get TONS of potential customers through Digital Marketing
    We cover all major Social Media marketing platform and build a stunning professional looking Ads both Banners and Videos without any prior experience with graphic or animated software. 100% hands-on practice, Fully-loaded!

    With our practice of digital marketing, Method lets us increase your sales and build your own customer base. Email campaigns, CRM organic search engines optimization, and social media are some of the practices of the results. Don’t worry, we can teach you.


    Freequently Ask Questions

    Not necessarily. But if we found it is necessary, We can do it in very cost effective way.

    Its start from LKR. 1000/-, But as a Company we have some managed package which will allow customers to get maximum result from their investment.

    Yes, of course. It is very good starting point

    Yes, please ask for custom solution. Our sales agents will help you.

    If you have interest in learning Digital Marketing Please ask our Sales agent , there you can learn those techies using your own assets.

    Not necessarily, However every package include web page even in starter plan has a FREE Landing Website. So, It wont be a problem 

    Oh ho.., You are in the right place, Digital Marketing Sri Lanka is a trade arm of Axault Systems which is known for IT Solution Including Web Design, Graphic design, Network and marketing.

    So, Answer is yes
    We Can Do it. For more info visit

    Actually, You don’t need to know anything, Our Team will carefully analyse your business and will prompt you with an effective digital marketing niches.
    If you have a mind of learning, basic knowledge of Email, Facebook and word  precessing will be an added advantage for you.

    Not at All, Only when you feel Need of a sales increase, and there are some special cases which depends on your business type.


    Pay for what you get

    Marketing field has been changed drastically. You don’t need to pay all, just pay what you get. Make it productive. Find best marketing niche for your campaign.

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